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5 Creative Ideas for Using Lattice in Your Garden

lattice garden trellis

Looking for some backyard creative inspiration? Think Lattice!

Lattice is a simple, creative, and effective way to create a walkway or pergola in your garden, build in some more privacy, or just generally add a bit of whimsy. It can also be used to create arbors and trellises to support vines, flowers, and shrubs. Depending on the types of plants you have in your yard, you can also use lattice panels to create different types of gardens. The choice is yours— you can have a regular lawn like everyone else, or leverage the advantages that lattice offers to create a fabulous mix of flowers and vines. If you have a small yard, you can also use lattice to create more space. Here are our 5 ideas for using lattice in your garden.

Make a Walkway

A lattice walkway can add structure and interest to a gravel or gazebo near a patio or deck. You can also use a lattice walkway for small gardens with limited space. You can use trellises and arches to create privacy. You can also use lattice to create a pergola or arbour that overhangs a patio. Lattice is an easy and affordable DIY option for creating walkways. If you have an existing patio or deck, you start your walkway from the stairs to create a walkway into other parts of your yard, perhaps to a “secret garden” sitting area. Which brings us to our next creative idea for lattice in the garden.

Create Arbors and Trellises

We love using lattice to create garden walkways, but what other decorative accents in your garden can lattice provide? We are bg fans of having your lattice-adorned walkway lead to arbors or trellises made out of one of many lattice design options.

Though commonly most lattice is white, black lattice is rarer and adds a nice touch for a contemporary look. A trellis or arbor are both beautiful options, but they also help add privacy to your backyard. You can also arrange small trees and shrubs with the lattice, creating an entire landscape. Arbors and trellises can add structure and color to your garden, particularly when flowers are in full bloom! Though trellises and arbors can be made of wood, lattice offers durability and a design flourish that will be the envy of your block. These can be either a decorative element, a way to grow vegetables, or both! Many people like to grow vegetables overhead so that they do not need to bend down to reach the soil. Other plants thrive on trellises. How about your very own backyard wine vineyard?

Plant Lattice-Friendly Shrubs and Vines

Speaking of vineyards, having If you have a small yard, you can use lattice to create arbors and other structures to support shrubs and vines. This will allow you to grow flowers and vegetables in a small space, or create a separate, dedicated space for you to enjoy. You can also use lattice to grow herbs, such as thyme, oregano, and parsley. These herbs are excellent for flavoring dishes and are hardy enough to grow almost anywhere. You can grow crops like tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant above your lattice, or in containers hanging from it. We’re not saying you’d be Martha Stewart or Ina Garten but you would basically be Martha Stewart or Ina Garten if you use lattice to grow your garden.

Create Storage Under Raised Beds

Do you have raised beds in your backyard for flowers and vegetables? You can use your favorite decorative lattice design to enclose the space underneath for easy storage. You can also use the lattice in your bed to support vegetables, herbs, and climbing vines. We think our pineapple design would look great!

Add a Pergola

A lattice pergola can be a beautiful addition to your yard. To create a lattice pergola, you will need PVC lattice and brackets to attach it to the wall. The brackets will support the lattice, so you will need a stud wall to attach the brackets to. The pergola would be a beautiful space to set up a shaded seating area featuring potted plants that need some shade during the day. We love this list from House Beautiful featuring 28 shade-loving plant ideas.

Using Lattice to Create the Backyard of Your Dreams!

Lattice is an easy way to add structure, interest, and even storage space to your garden. It can be used to create walkways and pergolas, as well as to grow herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Lattice is easy to install, versatile, affordable, and weather resistant. The only thing that you need to do is to make sure that you are using the right material for the job. On that, we’ve got you covered!