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The Acurio Story

Acurio is the result of combining two creative streams from several generations of McAvoys (my family name): wood crafting and art.

The wood crafting heritage started with my grandfather, who fed a family of 8 producing wood chair legs. His son continued working in wood as he scaled up production to include crates and pallets. When he wanted to retire and spend all his time carving a magnificent collection of World-War 2 aircraft, he turned this business over to his son (me). The business continued to prosper while Dad’s array of replicas grew. The replicas came into great demand by museums and airports throughout Georgia, including the Atlanta Hartsfield airport where they are still on display over twenty years after they were delivered.

In the great financial downturn of the early 2000’s the industrial wood business began to shrink as well. My son-in-law joined me in the family business and we prepared for a change. That change would be driven by the other great stream of Acurio: Art.

Blending art with material production was a natural. Both my mother and father were gifted artists…indeed, they first met in art college. Besides my father’s sculpting, he occasionally painted in oils. Mom was successful with pastel portraits and landscapes; so much so that she was almost always busy on a commission.

Growing up in our house, easels nestled like shrubs between chairs and lamps. Original paintings and sculptures claimed much of the open space on our walls and floors.  For me it was as natural to live inside art and beauty as it was to eat breakfast before going to school. It felt strange to go to friends’ houses where there was little if any art.

The epiphany that brought these streams–material production and art–came together as I was renovating our family deck a decade ago. The original builders had built traditionally, but the deck was getting old and it called for a major facelift…and I just did not have the heart to refresh typical crisscross lattice. After looking long and hard, nothing we could find appealed to my wife’s and my yearning to make our space beautiful and distinctive.

So, began our first experiments with artistic panels. My wife told me she was in awe of the array of different panels around our deck, including birds, stars, suns, circles…and a biplane. This last pattern was based on my plane in our local hanger: I wanted a truly personal touch! (We still get some of our biggest kicks out of supporting our customers’ oddest requests.)

Soon friends and family were commenting on the style our deck took on. They began asking for custom decorative panels for their own projects. Our company took the turn toward the artistic, and we’ve never looked back.

All that shows why our customers range from homeowners to high-end interior decorators to event designers for galas like the Golden Globes (2013). People of all types not only love the look; they all tell us how easily the decorative panels install and how great they keep looking even under rough treatment…like constant touching (inside) and heavy weather (outside).

I know you will enjoy Acurio panels as much as they do. Challenge us with your ideas; we love to help make your unique visions work.

Together let us fill your world with the art and beauty for which you yearn…while making your life easier through lasting quality. Just Contact Us today and let’s get started!


Marcus McAvoy

Acurio Quality Service