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Discover Why Professional Deck Builders Love Acurio

As the first and original American company to design and manufacture high-quality vinyl decorative lattice, we’ve had extensive experience working with deck builders around the country.

Along the way, we’ve learned what’s crucially and specifically important to our deck builder customers. We’ve listened intently to better understand the pain points and challenges of the industry.

Whether you’re trying to win the bid, get product delivered on time, finish jobs faster, increase your profit margins, garner rave reviews, or simply “wow” your clients (and their jealous friends!), we’re here to help.

Working together, we’re proud of how we’ve designed our business to support the goals of our deck builder partners nationwide. There’s nothing we love to do more than work with our customers, to meet and exceed their needs by reliably delivering exceptional service and high-quality vinyl lattice products. Learn how Acurio Latticeworks can help support your deck building business!

We Have Been Delivering Big Value for Deck Builders for Over 20 Years!

Outdoor Lattice Patio Acurio Crosshatch Pattern
Valencian Gazebo

Let’s Build & Grow Together

Our high-quality, industry-leading vinyl lattice is made to order and drop-shipped directly to your site so you’ll never have to worry about not getting your supplies on time. Meanwhile, our support team will work with you to ship just the exact sizing you need, meaning less waste and lower installation costs.

Win Customers by Inspiring Them with Design

Looking to impress customers and differentiate yourself from the other guy? Let prospects know that in addition to our large portfolio of designs fit for any taste, your [Acurio] lattice is fully customizable with unique designs inspired by their interests and passions. Butterflies, animals, sea creatures, fruits and vegetables, favorite flowers— they name it, we can design it. It’s one of the most fun and rewarding parts of our job!

Customers don’t want to look like everyone else on the block. There’s no better way to add affordable, high-impact value per square foot than with Acurio Lattice.

Competitive Prices, Superior Products

Why not get the best lattice delivered to your job site and leave the low-quality Big Box stuff on the shelf? Our UV-resistant vinyl lattice comes in six different thicknesses and our pros are on hand to help you decide which is right for your project and climate.

Save even more by taking advantage of our 10% contractor discount and up to 20% off for preferred partners.

Set up your clients right—and yourself apart—by offering the industry leader in lasting, durable, and elegant decorative lattice for best-in-class deck projects. You’ll also rest assured you won’t hear from unhappy customers a year or two down the line wondering why their lattice is rotting, warping, and/or deteriorating.

Go with the original, made-in-the-USA Acurio lattice for your next project. With fewer headaches and happier customers, you won’t be disappointed!

Check Out Some of Our Featured Acurio Projects

Custom Outdoor Structures Builds Resort-Style Lattice Deck at Home

This elegant deck featuring Acurio Lattice in Enon, OH lets homeowners transport themselves to a resort vacation every time they step outside.

Lattice Staircase in Lakewood Colorado Adds a Touch of Lightness and Class

This lattice-accented staircase in Lakewood, CO shows the versatility of Acurio and the incredible value it can add to a home.

Ginger Dove Cottage in Mebane, NC

A popular wedding event company in Mebane, NC used our “Ginger Cove” lattice to create a unique and private indoor/outdoor lounge space for wedding party guests.

Indoor/Outdoor Sitting Room in Augusta, GA

Acurio Lattice adds just the right touch to keep this lovely indoor/outdoor residential area airy, private, and elegant!

Elevated Deck by Fazio Home & Land Co. in Whitehouse Station NJ

This beautiful elevated deck installed by Fazio Home & Land Company in Whitehouse Station, NJ features Acurio Lattice as a decorative accent that closes off space under the deck. 

Dr. Decks in Tacoma Washington

This private deck oasis was built by Dr. Decks in Tacoma Washington using our ¾’’ Black Crosshatch vinyl lattice. The lattice was included to create an elegant outdoor space and enhance privacy.