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BHD Construction

Positive Attitude, Great Results!

Jerry Bannister of BHD Construction knows a thing or two about full houses. He built them for many years, and he is part of a large family with six grandkids. Though he credits his custom home building business for his extensive experience and comprehensive skill set, he found his true calling in the relative start-to-finish simplicity of specialized deck building. 

Based in Bothell, WA, Jerry began his career building custom homes in the 1970s but, finding himself looking for a change, he transitioned to outdoor environments in 2006 and never looked back. 

“Building a custom home for a family is a true honor and a significant investment. These are big, sometimes emotional decisions. I come from a large family so I get it and can relate, but I found my talents were best used building turnkey outdoor experiences that families can enjoy.”

Jerry Banister, Owner, BHD Construction

Jerry found that his home building experience gave him an edge in the custom deck building business. His projects have not gone unrecognized. In 2009 he won the Trex “Deck of the Year” award, followed by a 2011 North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA) 3rd place award for the Best Deck Under 500 square feet. 

Since focusing his efforts on his award-winning decks, Jerry has grown the company to include multiple employees and now boasts Trex Platinum status. His relationship with Trex brings him a significant source of referral leads in addition to his mainstay of word-of-mouth marketing. Modern decks last a long time, but so does a good reputation. Jerry recently rebuilt a deck that he installed 22 years ago! 

As many businesses are finding these days, hiring and retaining talent has been a challenge. Jerry responded by upping his game, including adding in health insurance and other benefits for his employees, which he reports has helped. To Jerry though, it really all comes down to having a positive attitude. Beyond that, customers appreciate his extensive knowledge of the products, creativity, and unique designs.

Speaking of products, he loves the flexibility and reliability of Acurio Lattice. He uses Acurio as skirting to enclose the underside of decks, but he’s also pioneered some novel uses. Jerry noticed that more customers are requesting deck coverings. He started experimenting with structured roof covers using beams and Acurio’s Aluminum Composite Material (ACM). He then rolls on top 8ft wide sheets of clear poly and secures it with grommet screws. These elegant structures that let in light and keep out the rain have proved a big hit. 

We love working with Jerry and look forward to supporting his company for years to come! 

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