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See How Interior Designers Transform Spaces with Acurio Lattice

Interior designers are in constant pursuit of unique, expressive elements that can transform an ordinary space into an extraordinary experience. Even more than creating great spaces, designers take on a special responsibility to listen, understand, and tell their clients stories through materials, colors, lighting, texture, layers, and more.

Where some designers run out of options, those at the top of their game turn to Acurio. Our high-quality decorative vinyl lattice offers an unmatched array of patterns and themes that help designers unleash their creativity, add depth and drama to their plans, and push the boundaries of what is possible when telling a client’s story.

We are excited you’re here and invite you to learn more about how Acurio Lattice works with interior designers like you from around the country to add impact, drama, and elegance to their creations. 

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Let’s Design Together To Build Your Business

Elegant, versatile, durable, and more, our industry-leading vinyl lattice is cut to order and securely shipped directly to your project site. Choose from an available pattern or even design a custom pattern of your own. With Acurio, the possibilities are endless.

Offer Your Clients More With Acurio Vinyl Lattice Solutions

In a competitive interior design industry where showcasing excellence and a unique take is everything, Acurio Lattice offers interior designers the edge they need to distinguish their work from the competition.

Amaze your clients with the power of our lattice panels to bring unique and lasting elegance to any space. With Acurio Lattice, designers have the opportunity to elevate their portfolio and create transformative designs with an edge over the competition.

Everything You Need To Achieve Excellence In Design

Premium clients don’t want their spaces to look run-of-the-mill. To offer more, there’s no better way to add drama, sophistication, and “wow” than with Acurio Lattice.

Top-Quality Lattice, Infinite Design Opportunities

Acurio Lattice offers interior design professionals a versatile and creative solution to impress their clients and stand out in a competitive market. Our customizable, high-quality lattice panels are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, easy to install, require minimal maintenance, and can ship directly to your design site.

Not only is Acurio Lattice eco-friendly, out vinyl panels come in a wide range of designs to suit any project, from contemporary to classic, angular to whimsical, and everything in between.

Acurio makes sure you can deliver unique and lasting elegance and sophistication to any space. With Acurio Lattice, interior designers have the opportunity to combine materials and textures with design and style to create transformative spaces that stand head and shoulder above the competition.

Interested in learning more? Take advantage of our 10% contractor discount and receive up to 20% off off orders if you qualify as a preferred partner. Contact us today and let’s get started!


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