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How many business owners in the country plan the work and work the plan for fifty years before enjoying a little “me time” in retirement? Having started his Houston-based deck building company in 1977, Brian McQuin at Texas Decks is closing in on that milestone in just a few years. 

Some things have stayed the same since he started out — Brian’s love of being out of the office and in the field working and commitment to honest dealing come to mind. He amusingly recalls, “Early in my youth, before I got into deck building I tried car sales, but I couldn’t lie and cheat so I had to find something else.”

Other things in the deck building industry have changed a great deal since the 1970s. Perhaps the biggest is the almost universal move to composite materials for construction. Interestingly, the modernization changed the nature of Brian’s customer base. 

“Wood decks only had an 8-12 year lifespan, but composite decks built with products like Trex and Acurio last much longer. Early on, in the first six years of business, I knew 50% of my clients. In the following six years I knew nearly 100% of our clients, many needing replacements and wanting upgrades. Building with wood was simpler and cheaper, but the new materials allowed us to really offer something durable and special.” 


Of course, the construction skills had to come from somewhere. Like many builders, Brian picked up carpentry skills by helping his father around the house. In 1977 Brian moved to Texas and after doing some commercial carpet installation and trying his hand at the infamous car sales job, he started installing decks.

“At first I thought decks were below me, but I discovered I enjoyed building them. I loved being out in the field, working with my hands, and creating great spaces for people to enjoy.” 

Brian McQuin

Over the years Brian has averaged 2-3 crews at a time. He understands that the office component of his role is necessary, but he still enjoys getting out to project sites to get his hands dirty. He’s also learned how to streamline the process. While some competitors draft elaborate proposals, he finds that can overwhelm clients so he strives to get all the critical project information onto a single legal-sized document. In many cases, customers come to him with their own ideas or designs, ranging from literally back-napkin drawings to full-on CAD drawings. According to Brian, they often know what they want but need guidance to get there.

So how did Brian and Texas Decks find Acurio Lattice? Turns out similar to how many deck builders do: getting disappointed by low-quality products and then seeking out a better solution. 

“I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I knew it had to exist. I didn’t want the thin stuff, so I searched online for ‘composite lattice’ and found the Acurio website. They’ve been nothing but aces with my questions and concerns, and clients love it. Service is exemplary, and the pricing is competitive and straightforward. I carry a sample in my car but I also send them to the Acurio website. I don’t care if clients see the price because I don’t mark it up. Ultimately, I just want my clients to be happy. I joke with my clients, my goal when I’m done is to never see you again.” 

Texas Decks specializes in composite decks as well as patio covers, arbors, and pergolas. We love Texas Decks and know you will too. If you’re in the greater Houston area and in need of a high-quality deck, check out his website and give him a ring. Better hurry though, that 50-year milestone is coming up fast! 

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