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Artisan Deck & Design

Quality and premier craftsmanship with your personal touch!

Artisan Deck & Design co-owners Tim Beiersdorf and Ralph Radix aren’t afraid of going a little over the top if their customers are looking for something a bit “extra.” 

Ten years ago, the two friends were both doing remodeling work around Dane County Wisconsin with enough demand for outdoor living spaces to specialize in that niche. The two joined their 30 years of combined construction experience to launch Artisan Deck & Design.  

At Artisan, there’s more to being the best than just looking pretty. While aesthetics are important, Artisan Deck & Design also focuses on being best-in-class in terms of the actual structure. The owners never want to settle in as just a “to code” company. They wanted to be the best.

From the beginning, we wanted to be an A+ company. If a deck needs 3 footings, we do 4 Everyone sleeps well, the structure lasts as long as possible, and the goal is to never hear about a problem from that client for the entire life of the deck.

Joe Argo, Director of Marketing, Artisan Deck & Design

Along the way in their pursuit of building A+ artisan-level decks, recognition and awards came with the territory. In 2020, Artisan Deck & Design won a Contractor of the Year award for a rebuilt screen porch that was falling apart. Artisan rebuilt it, created deck space on either side, and created new space underneath with Trex Rain Escapes so the area remains dry. They used reclaimed barn wood and stamped concrete to complete the look, and even added a mini garage on one side with an outdoor shower, overhead heating, and two custom-made mahogany doors. If you’re thinking that sounds “over the top but awesome” Artisan Deck & Design agrees with you! 

Aristan Deck & Design_Acurio-Decorative-Lattice_4

As you might expect, a company that only uses the best products for its luxury outdoor spaces uses Acurio for its high-quality lattice needs. As the story goes, the team was looking at photos on a Facebook deck builder page. Acurio lattice was featured in some of the pictures and caught their eye. The company had been using the typical/average lattice from home improvement stores knowing it didn’t hold up. Acurio could be sourced at Home Depot but when they discovered they could work directly with Acurio to get a wider selection and 1.5” thick lattice, they realized the true potential. The sturdiness of Acurio meant they could build attractive railings, privacy fences, enclosed spaces, and other projects that would last. 

Tim and Ralph now are sure to keep 16” x 16” samples of Acurio in their showroom. Whenever they order something new, they order a bit extra to add to their sample collection.

We appreciate it! 

Artisan Deck & Design is based in Madison, Wisconsin, and serves the greater Dane County area. If you’re in the market for a premium outdoor space (possibly with kitchens and fireplaces to enjoy year-round?!) give them a call! 

Featured Projects by Artisan Deck & Design: