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Level-Up Your Halloween Decorations with Acurio Lattice


This Halloween, it’s time to live up to your goal of having the best spooky Halloween house on the block. What better way than to use decorative lattice to help you create a space in your front yard or porch that will be sure to frighten and thrill candy-seeking children and impress your neighbors?

Rather than having to build walls out of wood, you can use our decorative black lattice to create barriers that are much simpler to construct. These can be used to manage the flow of traffic up your sidewalk or driveway. Imagine how creepy offset lattice walls would be if covered in cobwebs, backlit by a strobe light, and accompanied by spooky music!

For added scariness, include a scarecrow or dummy then imitate one around the next turn for a jump scare trick-or-treaters will never forget. If you want to get a bit more ambitious, you can add a lattice ceiling between your walls and hang all sorts of spooky things from it. Plastic hanging bats, slimy “worms,” bloody masks, and more. Get creative!

You can also use a piece of lattice to easily imitate an underground dungeon. Just use cinder blocks to create a squared-off area then use our square lattice to give the appearance of a metal grate. Just add a smoke machine, a soundtrack of some screams, and some plastic hands covered in fake blood and you’ve got yourself your very own underground dungeon in your front yard. You could also do the same plan around a baby pool and add dry ice or an air hose connected to a pump to create bubbles. What’s scarier than an underground dungeon? One that’s filling up with water, of course!

You don’t have to build a haunted house to be scary- use your own! If you have a porch you can wall it in with lattice and use the above suggestions for an extremely eerie effect. Or just create a tunnel of sorts for people walking up your stairs. Cover with cobwebs and cue the scary music!

Lattice is a great material to have on hand for Halloween because it is large enough to build structures with, light enough to easily manage, and it is relatively inexpensive. And, you can use it year after year to make decorations that will help set the spooky mood of your home!

We hope you had as much fun reading about our ideas for using lattice at Halloween as we did dreaming them up. Send us pictures of how you used Acurio lattice to enhance your spooky setup this Halloween and we’ll be sure to share them on social media to inspire others to join the trend!