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Building a “Green” Lifecycle: Sustainability From Product to Your Door

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Acurio Lattice Partners With USPS To Incorporate Recycled Cardboard Into Shipping Process

As consumer preferences evolve and the costs of unsustainable practices are better understood, many businesses are taking significant steps towards sustainability, recognizing the importance of their role in reducing waste and preserving the environment. Acurio Latticeworks is proud to lead our industry with innovative and collaborative strategies for a greener, more sustainable future.

Acurio Latticeworks has made great strides “going green.” Our vinyl products are already eco-friendly, as they don’t require the cutting of trees, and need little to no maintenance for years on end. Perhaps most notable of all, our high-quality, dense PVC vinyl lattice is itself recyclable.

Today, we announce that we have partnered with our local USPS post office on a mutually beneficial arrangement that reduces the need for thousands of pounds of packing materials and helps save our customers money.

We’re excitd about this common sense solution to significantly reduce waste and lower costs, savings we can pass along to our customers without ever compromising on our commitment to maintaining our reputation as the nation’s original name in high-quality decorative vinyl lattice.

Marc McAvoy, President, Acurio Latticeworks

Acurio is well known for the attention and care we take when fulfilling our orders to guarantee our products arrive on-site in perfect condition without charging excessive shipping fees. As customer Maryclaire Rudden shared in her testimonial, “[I] could not believe how well the product was packed to ensure no damage.”

That sort of reliability and efficiency in shipping takes more than just filling a box with styrofoam peanuts. It takes custom-cutting cardboard boxes to fit snuggly around our product orders— and a lot of it. Over the years, Acurio has had to purchase thousands of pounds of cardboard boxes for our custom shipping purposes. Now, through our relationship with the USPS office near our Washington, GA headquarters, we can obtain and reuse their large cardboard boxes before they get sent to the landfill.

These very large cardboard boxes typically hold numerous individual packages from e-commerce platforms like Amazon, which the USPS unboxes then delivers individual packages “the last mile” to homes and businesses in the area. The scale of Amazon distribution is massive nationwide which means the cardboard piles up fast.

Sensing an opportunity for a mutually beneficial arrangement, Acurio President Marc McAvoy reached out to the nearby USPS branch to determine if Acurio could at its expense come and remove the used cardboard boxes destined for the landfill for reuse in Acurio shipping operations. The outreach was well-received:

“They were thrilled,” says McAvoy, “and we were excited about it. Fully 80% or more of our shipping cardboard is fully recycled thanks to this arrangement. There are opportunities like this everywhere for businesses looking to reduce waste and costs, sometimes they’re staring right in front of you. We look forward to finding ways to even further improve our green portfolio.”

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Got Green Ideas? Let Us Know!

Acurio is proud of our ongoing efforts to reduce waste and continuously improve value for our customers. When you choose Acurio lattice, you’re getting not just top-quality product and service, but a significant commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.

We can and will strive to always do more. If you’re a professional deckbuilder or homeowner and you’ve got creative and innovative ideas on how to make our operations even greener, let us know! We always welcome feedback and learning about partnership opportunities.