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Vinyl Lattice Design Spotlight: Valencian

Valencian Deck Underskirting

Evoke the Old World With Acurio’s Valencian Vinyl Lattice Design

Our Valencian design is one of our favorites, evoking the Old World and sending thoughts wandering to sunrises in the Spanish countryside. Including the Valencian vinyl design in interior and exterior spaces around your home can significantly enhance aesthetic appeal with a little Mediterranean charm.

The Valencian vinyl design alone adds a striking yet refined look to your home. To take things further, you can complete the Spanish-inspired look by complementing your decorative lattice with warm and vibrant wall colors and fabrics, a few small decorations with intricate details, and the use of natural materials.

Whether you’re going for a rustic ambiance of the country or a more cosmopolitan urban look,  you can incorporate our Valencian vinyl lattice design to create a unique, sophisticated, and timelessly elegant look in your home.

Valencian vinyl lattice comes in black or white and the following thicknesses: 1/4in, 1/2in, 3/4in, and a full 1in.

Download Valencian design specs HERE.

To learn more and discuss with our team the right design and thickness for your project, Contact Us!

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