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Who Makes the Best Vinyl Lattice Panels?


Industry Breakdown of what high-quality vinyl lattice is and who makes it.

In this post, we will feature some of the differences between lattice products and explain why Acurio lattice is considered the industry leader in high-quality vinyl lattice.

The lattice market is increasingly crowded with various manufacturers and vendors. On the one hand, you’ve got your garden variety cheap wood and plastic lattice available at home improvement stores. This typically comes in one classic crisscross pattern and is a thinner, lower-density product available in one-size-fits-all panels.

On the other hand, there is premium quality, higher-density vinyl lattice that comes in dozens of patterns, can be cut in any size to fit your needs, and can even be manufactured to your own design specs. Want your lattice to showcase a pattern of your cat playing with yarn? We’d love to work with you on that— our founders are artisans, after all!

Roman Lattice Golden Globes 2

Why is Acurio lattice considered the industry leader in high-quality vinyl lattice and why might it be the best choice for you? Here’s the top three reasons:

1. Artistic Beauty

Acurio lattice has roots in art and creativity. The company was founded over a decade ago when owner Marcus McAvoy and his wife decided to rebuild their aging deck but couldn’t find anything but standard crisscross.

I just did not have the heart to refresh typical crisscross lattice. After looking long and hard, nothing we could find appealed to my wife’s and my yearning to make our space beautiful and distinctive.

Marcus McAvoy, President, Acurio Latticeworks

That moment of creative necessity led to manufacturing innovation and experimentation. Acurio Latticeworks is the first American company to design and manufacture an array of elegant and even whimsical designs, drawing from a rich family history of art, attention to detail, and quality. Fast forward to today, and Acurio has a large library of vinyl layouts and designs to choose from. Or, work with us to design you own!

2. Durability

Acurio lattice comes in black and white options starting with 1/2″ thickness and increasing in 1/4″ increments all the way up to a full 1″ thickness. Mass-produced, off-the-shelf lattice typically only comes in thicknesses of 1/8″ thick. That is to say, the average vinyl lattice is half as thick as our thinnest vinyl option. If you need solid lattice that literally won’t bend in the breeze, we’ve got you covered.

Acurio is also weather resistant, UV-stabilized, easy to clean, and is ideal for spacemaking both indoors and outdoors. It can even be painted in any color you’d like. Where other lattice gets relegated to just deck skirting, Acurio decorative lattice can be used to create elegant, sophisticated, and fun spaces for entertaining or just enjoying time with family.

Aristan Deck & Design_Acurio-Decorative-Lattice_4

3. Pricing

You’ve no doubt heard the expression “You get what you pay for.” That’s true when it comes to Acurio lattice, though it doesn’t mean you have to pay others. Our premium lattice is competitively priced and even offers contractors preferred pricing options. You can check out for yourself how top deck building companies like Artisan Deck and Design, Texas Decks, and others use Acurio lattice to design and build impressive projects across the country.

In the words of our founder, Marcus McAvoy, “Together let us fill your world with the art and beauty for which you yearn…while making your life easier through lasting quality.”

Homeowners, deck builders, and even the Golden Globes love our lattice. We know you will, too!